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About The Goucher Hotel

It seems the luxurious 30-room Goucher Hotel was “cursed” from the very beginning. During its construction, laborers incurred injuries, several were maimed from construction accidents and one fell to his death while helping place the cornerstone at the top of the building.

Finally, in 1895, the Goucher Hotel opened its doors at the corner of North Fourth & Clark Streets in Toronto, Ohio . Built, owned and operated by local financier, Mr. Samuel B. Goucher, the hotel had many amenities of convenience consistent with what luxury hotels offered, including fine dining, entertainment and dancing in the elegant ballroom. A variety of shops, open in the storefronts on street level, offered giftware, clothing, tailoring and other products and services. A barbershop provided haircuts, “close shaves,” minor surgery and bloodletting; a popular practice of the era. The Toronto Bank, owned and operated by Samuel’s brother George, was located in the lower level on N. Fourth Street .

It wasn’t long after the Grand Opening of the Goucher Hotel when tragedy struck the building once again. Six guests, a bellhop, Mr. Goucher’s wife Anna and his beloved 8-year old daughter were killed when the elevator transporting them to the suites on the top floor crashed to the basement as a result of the cables snapping. A devastated Samuel Goucher immediately shut down his luxury hotel where he locked himself in becoming a recluse for the next 46 years.

Throughout the remainder of his life, Mr. Goucher devoted his time in renovating his hotel into an eternal home for the spirits of those who lost their lives in the elevator and construction accidents. During this time, the only hotel guests that Mr. Goucher welcomed were the circus performers who came to Toronto once a year “because they amuse me”, he reportedly told his brother George.

Unfortunately, even the circus performers were not exempt from the “curse” of the Goucher Hotel. During one performance in Toronto, a fire spread through the big top killing several of the clowns who were trapped in the fiery inferno. Many have encountered these spirits roaming the hallways of the Goucher Hotel, a place they will be bound to for all eternity, for they never were able to officially check out.

As he lay on his death bed in his private hotel suite, Mr. Goucher reportedly took his final breath and whispered to his brother George, “I will NEVER leave my home.” It is rumored that George returned to the dark hotel nightly to visit his dead brother and family.

It’s not uncommon for Goucher Hotel visitors to witness firsthand the secrets that hide behind these old walls. Some spirits will show themselves to you. Others will interact using sounds and lights.

Check in if you dare. Check out alive… if you can! The spirits are waiting for you!

* Proceeds from ticket sales benefit WTOV 9 and Toronto Kiwanis Coats For Kids Campaign, assuring that Toronto children receive warm winter coats.


Coming for 2015: The Condemned.

Dates and Hours of Operation

Unfortunately, due to a tragic fire, The Goucher Haunted Hotel will not open for 2014. Please check back and follow us on Facebook to be notified of updates and our plans to re-open for 2015!

Admission Info

Unfortunately, due to a tragic fire, The Goucher Haunted Hotel will not open for 2014. Please check back and follow us on Facebook to be notified of updates and our plans to re-open for 2015!

Location & Directions

Address: Currently in Purgatory.

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Address: Currently in Purgatory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the stories true?

Most of the historical information is based on facts only about 10 percent is fictional.. We’re not telling what isn’t though.

When Does the Planning Stages begin?

First conceptual meetings are held early January, construction begins in late March.

How long does a standard tour last?

Approx. 30 min.

Is the Goucher really haunted?

No doubt, many witnesses have experienced spirits throughout the hotel.

Has anyone died at the Goucher?

Yes, on record we find at least 4 deaths occurred in the building, Bank robbery, little girl with an undiagnosed disease, and a fire. The basement was a barber shop where the barber performed bloodletting, many instances patient would bleed out, 1 recorded death.


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